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Price Guides

When evaluating the cost of building/updating a website there are many factors to be considered that will ultimately determine the price of the overall project.

In general, the costs involved in creating a new website can start from as little as $749 for a very basic, one-page website. This then rises rapidly depending on the complexity and scale of the website. Larger corporate or E-commerce websites can cost well over $10,000 if you require top quality, original design and industry-leading technology and functionality.

We realise that having a website built can be confusing and we understand how scary the internet can seem to some users who have never run an online business before. If you have any questions or need some advice please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

All packages are fully customisable and contain the following as standard: Responsive Design, Wordfence Security, Contact Enquiry Form, Google Maps Integration, Social Media Sharing and Google Analytics.

The prices given above are only general estimations for various example packages. These are intended to give you some idea of the kind of price range you are most likely to expect for your completed project.

We recognise that each assignment we undertake will have its own unique requirements and every client we work with requires a different approach. Therefore, a free consultation and estimate will be provided for every individual project.

The Design Process

Phase 1 - Initial Contact

Naturally, the very first step in the website development process is when you initially contact us providing some basic information about yourself to establish channels of communication.

Phase 2 - Information Gathering

We will start off by asking you to complete a short design questionnaire. This will help us to understand what your business goals and dreams are, and how the internet can be utilised to help you achieve those goals.

Phase 3 - Planning & Design

Phase 4 - Build & Development

Phase 5 - Launch & Testing

Phase 6 - Support & Maintenance

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